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We are proud of our long-term relationship with our customers, many of whom are now second or third generation farming families.

Lely in real life

Schouten Dairy Farm

Richmond, Ontario

Schouten Dairy of Richmond, Eastern Ontario, currently milks its large herd with 9 Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking systems.

Lely automation has reduced the Schoutens’ need for hired help, and their savings in labor costs has ultimately made robotic milking the smart choice for their business.

Schouten boys
Schouten Barn Lely
Schouten Barn Interior
Schouten Farm Lely Cows

Lely in real life

Tibben Family Farm

Brinston, Ontario

Tibben Family farm of Brinston, Eastern Ontario, currently milks its herd with Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking system. The cows are fed efficiently using the Lely Vector.  Lely automation has reduced the Tibben’s labor costs and has made robotic milking and feeding the smart choice for their farm.

Tibben Farm
Tibben Barn Brinston Lely
Tibben testimonial feeder
Tibben barn design

Lely in real life

Ruiter Dairy Farm

Ottawa, Ontario

Peter Ruiter’s dairy of Ottawa, Ontario, has experienced many benefits as a result of the Lely Vector automatic feeding system. Frequent feeding with this system has not only freed up Peter’s schedule, but has also enhanced his cows’ overall health with consistent fresh feed.

Ruiter Farmer
Ruiter Family Barn
Tibben Lely Crane

Lely in real life

Rosenhill Farm Inc.

St. Albert, Ontario

Lactanet (formerly CanWest DHI) announced the top-managed herds last month and Ontario had a strong showing. Rosenhill Farm Inc. was third overall in Canada. Andre and Judith Hildbrand, Swiss immigrants who moved to Canada in 1997, operate Rosenhill Farm milking 120 cows on three Lely robots in a barn built in 2017.

“Robots mean more flexibility for the farmers and for the cows I think it’s really the best system.”

Rosenhill Family
Ruiter Family Barn
Tibben Lely Crane

Lely in real life

Morrisbel Farms

Sarsfield, Ontario

The family’s favourite feature is working flexible hours and the reduced stress on the cows and the farmers. When things are going smoothly, one farmer can do all of the chores easily, whereas in the tie-stall, it would take two guys hours to do all the chores. The cows are healthier, calvings are going well and production is up.

Morrisbel Family
Ruiter Family Barn
Morrisbel Holstiens Mueller tank

Lely in real life

Gunnebrooke Farms Ltd.

Elgin, Ontario

Steve And Emma-Lee Gunneweik of Elgin, Ontario, moved into their new freestall barn from their tie stall in December 2020. They installed 2 Lely A5 Astronauts to milk their herd. Here’s what they had to say just after starting up:

“2 months in and we couldn’t be happier. Cows love it. We love it.”

Gunnebrooke Family
Gunnebrooke Lely Astronaut
Gunnebrooke Farm Sign
Gunnebrooke Farm Sign

Lely in real life

Sunset Meadows


The Reijmers Family is delighted with how the Discovery 120 Collector is performing! Vacuuming and dumping manure to keep alleyways and crossovers clean 24/7.  Cows love it with less disturbance at the feed fence and clean feet!

Lely Discovery Reijmers Family
Lely Discovery Sunset Meadows
lely discovery
lely discovery at work with cow

Serving Eastern Ontario for over 40 years.

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