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Our philosophy is simple: we provide quality, technologically sound products and solid customer service to make life easier. We share a passion for producing the highest quality milk in a cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner.

Farming Innovators.

Lely delivers the highest achievable milk quality while its management tools give control over your herd.

Lely’s automatic feeding and innovative equipment take over the day-to-day feeding of the herd, ensuring the utmost efficiency, while improving animal health.


Lely Astronaut


Increased milk yield: automatic milking makes it all possible.

Lely Astronaut

Housing & Caring

Innovative equipment improves animal health.



More frequent feeding and feed pushing really pays off.

Schouten Barn Lely

Barn Design

Create an animal-friendly environment that is conducive to cow health and well-being.


Animal Health

Maximize effectiveness while maintaining comfort for the cow.

Dundas Agri Building

Used Equipment

We always carry components and parts (used and new) that can be assembled into a complete milking system.

BouMatic Logo
Boumatic Rotory

Rise Above the Herd.

BouMatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of quality automated milking systems.

BouMatic’s cow-focused milking systems give you the control over your life and your dairy. Rise above the Herd.

Boumatic Milking


Increased milk yield: automatic milking makes it all possible.

Boumatic Milking

Used Equipment

We always carry components and parts (used and new) such as milking claws, vacuum pumps and bulk tanks.

BouMatic Air Injector

Wash Systems

Wash systems to automatically clean and sanitize efficiently.

Boumatic Parlour Stalls

Parlor Stalls

Maximize effectiveness while maintaining comfort for the cow.

Urban Calf Care Logo
Urban auto calf feeder stall

Sustainable calf rearing.

Urban develops efficient solutions for farmers. Rather than focusing on profit, we focus on the needs of the industry. 

Holm & Laue Logo
Holm & Laue

Calf Feeding Systems.

At Holm & Laue, everything revolves around modern calf feeding and calf husbandry.

Mueller Bulk Tanks
Mueller Milk Cooling tanks

Stainless Steel Vessels.

At Paul Mueller Company we have perfected our systems to enhance the quality of your milk, while ensuring longevity in all milk cooling and storage equipment.

Client Testimonials


“We love the rumination information. It has helped us detect sick cows a lot faster and helps us monitor the fresh cows at the beginning of lactation.”

Working with Dundas Agri Systems has been a great experience. We like that we can call 24 hours a day and that most of the problems can be fixed ourselves or over the phone with help from a technician. The sales people were very helpful in the barn design planning and helping set up tours to other farms to help us get ideas.”

Jobo Farms

North Augusta ON

Client Testimonial

“The transition from a tie stall herd to a free stall herd went remarkably smooth. We were well prepared and the support provided by Dundas Agri Systems was excellent despite being 2 hours away from their shop.”

Van Lindenberg Farms

Forester Falls ON

client testimonial

“Cow comfort. Lely has the best and simplest design that makes it easy for the cow. Lely has been the leader in this technology so it just made sense.

Production has increased by a minimum of 5 Litres! We went from filling 1Kg BF per cow to 1.5kg BF per cow

Dave and Candice Verburg

Iroquois ON

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