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Scott & Mitzi Dandy, St. Eugene

“Udder health is dead on, we are able to separate and treat cows to keep SCC results low.”
“Robotics are not the future; they are now. Robots have created for us the lifestyle and work load we want.”

Alain Jaquemet, Moose Creek ON

“Our biggest surprise with the transition was how fast the cows learned; it was me who had to learn to trust the Robot.”

Jobo Farms, North Augusta ON (Steve Oosterhof)

“We love the rumination information. It has helped us detect sick cows a lot faster and helps us monitor the fresh cows at the beginning of lactation.”

“Working with Dundas Agri Systems has been a great experience. Their service technicians are very easy to get along with and very helpful. (even when you call in the middle of the night) We like that we can call 24 hours a day and that most of the problems can be fixed ourselves or over the phone with help from a technician. They are very open to feedback and working to improve. The sales people were very helpful in the barn design planning and helping set up tours to other farms to help us get ideas.”

Silvercrest Farms Avonmore ON

“The transition into robotic milking was instant and flawless”

“Lely has changed our life, we are no longer bound by milking times.”

Sunnybrooke Farms, Campbellford ON

“Milking with Robots makes me a better manager. It gives me detailed individual cow data.”

Mike Tibben, Brinston ON

“Less Stressed and Calmer Cows + Healthy Cows = Happy Me”

Van Lindenberg Farms, Forester Falls ON

“The transition from a tie stall herd to a free stall herd went remarkably smooth. We were well prepared and the support provided by Dundas Agri Systems was excellent despite being 2 hours away from their shop.”

Dave and Candice Verburg, Iroquois ON

“Cow comfort. Lely has the best and simplest design that makes it easy for the cow. Lely has been the leader in this technology so it just made sense.” “Production has increased by a minimum of 5 Litres! We went from filling 1Kg BF per cow to 1.5kg BF per cow.”

Yolanda Farms

“Heat detection and the rumination data are great tools to use for the overall health of the Cows.”

Yorellea Farms, St. Eugene ON

“Production has increased 6kg per day (that’s a 20% increase) within 3 months in the new barn. Components remained the same.”

“The biggest surprise with the transition to Lely robots is how quickly the cows adapted to the robots.”


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