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Lely Robot

Lely delivers the highest achievable milk quality while its management tools give control over your herd.

  BouMatic Milking Parlour

BouMatic is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of quality automated milking systems.

Dundas Agri Systems is a full service dairy solution provider offering a comprehensive range of milking equipment sales, service, and installation to dairy producers throughout Eastern Ontario.

Our philosophy is simple: we provide quality, technologically sound products and solid customer service to make life easier. We share a passion for producing the highest quality milk in a cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner.

Latest News…

Lely: A redesigned robotic feed dispenser for the larger milking parlour.

BouMatic: a comprehensive milking parlour software update.

BouMatic: a new milking parlour package for smaller operations with full digital control and record keeping.

Holme-Laue: new models of the popular Milk Taxi.

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